Mark Paterno

Community Events

Half-Price Martini Night for All :)

International Travellers/ Expats in Iowa City

Blackstone (nice restaurant/bar on the east side) offers half price drink nights (Mon is half price beer, Tues- martinis, Wed- wine)...i'm open to switching the night/drink of choice PS:  We have to RSVP with the restaurant for this so please...

Wednesday Night Gaming!

Bored and Gaming of Iowa City

Welcome to Wednesday Night Gaming!        Hello.  We game most Wednesday nights at my house, 4171 Ruth St., Iowa City.  All are welcome to attend.  If you're not sure if we're gaming a particular Wednesday, please feel free to message me....

[Ruby] Thursday Lunch

**We meet in University of Iowa ITS Room #2951 in the Old Capitol Mall.** Join us for lunch and Ruby discussion! There are quite a few Ruby and Rails developers in the area, and we'd love it if you could join us! We normally give short talks for...