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Community Events

Wednesday Night Gaming!
7-3-17 7:00 pm - Milarepa Buddhist Center
Bored and Gaming of Iowa City

Welcome to Wednesday Night Gaming!        Hello.  We game most Wednesday nights at my house, 4171 Ruth St., Iowa City.  All are welcome to attend.  If you're not sure if we're gaming a particular Wednesday, please feel free to message me....

Angular and TypeScript with Alex Eagle
7-3-17 7:00 pm - Milarepa Buddhist Center
Iowa JavaScript

Hey gang - this week we have Alex Eagle coming to give us a talk on Angular and TypeScript! If you're interested in Angular or curious about adopting TypeScript, this is not a meetup you want to miss. Alex works on the Angular core team on...

Understanding Buddhism Class
7-3-17 7:00 pm - Milarepa Buddhist Center
Milarepa Buddhist Center of Iowa

In this class we discuss major topics  including the life of the Buddha; The Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path; the Buddha’s teaching on the interdependence of all things, the impermanence of all things, the illusion of ego;...